Untenrum Glücklich Dr. Oliver Gralla - Bastei Lübbe

Genre: Meditainment

Publicatie: 22 november 2016

Pages: 206

Rights sold: Greystone Books USA

A casual, informative; and entertaining look at the weal and woe of a man’s crown jewels.

While women are used from an early age to having their bodies and sexuality cared for by female health specialists, men often shy away from seeing a doctor – from adolescence to old age – when their crown jewels are concerned. According to the mantra: It came by itself, so it will leave by itself – even if it hurts. And instead of seeking help, they tend to take do-it-yourself actions – which can lead to extremely bizarre and sometimes painful situations.

Dr. Oliver Gralla is a specialist in urology and andrology and for years, he has been treating men and their sometimes more, sometimes less serious ailments. With the intent to fight ignorance, prevent self-healing experiments and finally break inhibitions, he offers with his book HAPPY DOWN BELOW access to medical issues like the unfulfilled wish to conceive, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low testosterone levels; and other urological problems, which can place a burden on a relationship. The humorous book of wisdom by the personable urologist Dr. Gralla is a MUST for every man.

In addition to medical advice, the book offers a huge dose of humor, as the author incorporates a variety of ludicrous anecdotes about the everyday experiences in consultations with men. Not only men can learn a lot from this book. Also female readers will gain countless new insights into the male physique, which is not that simple after all.

Since the international success of „Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ“ by Gulia Enders, books with medical topics have enjoyed increasing interest

Dr. Oliver Gralla, born in 1972, successfully graduated from medical school, which included a research term at Harvard University, and has been practicing as a urologist since 1999. Until 2007, he worked as a physician with the specialty “reproductive medicine” at the Berlin Charité – his nickname: The Stork from the Mitte District. Then he moved to the cathedral city of Cologne where he went into private practice with a colleague and friend and opened a urological practice for couples. He tries to remedy the trite statement of men “I’ve never been to a urologist” with aggressive work in the social networks, which lowered the average age in his urological practice by a whopping fifty per cent.