Der Club Takis Würger - Kein & Aber

Genre: Roman (debut)

Publication: March 4th 2017

Pages: 240

The Club tells the story of Hans, who loses his parents early on, spends time in a boarding school in Bavaria led by Jesuits and finally gets sent to Cambridge by his only relative, crazy Aunt Alexandra She wants him to investigate a crime in one of the fraternities. Not knowing, what he is looking for, Hans starts making investigations under a false name. An entirely foreign world of the Britain upperclass with butlers and tailored suits awaits him, but also the coterie of the British fraternities. In the setting of leather club chairs, crystal chandeliers, inlay furniture and animal trophies, things happen nobody wants to talk about. Even Charlotte, the young woman that seems to help him solving the case, seems to hide something.

Winning a boxing match against rival Oxford, Hans gets included in the chosen circle of the secret club of butterflies, where one has to pass archaic rites of passage. Faced with the choice of doing wrong to attain right, he chooses the only wise way.

Takis Würger was born in 1984 in Hohenhameln. He worked as a trainee at the Münchner Abendzeitung and went to the Henri-Nannen-Journalism school. He then worked for Der Spiegel. In 2014, Takis Würger took a three year break to study social and political science at the University Cambridge Human. He reports from different crisis areas, including Afghanistan, Libya and Ukraine for DER SPIEGEL and he teaches at the Bavarian Academy of Publication. He has won several prizes for his work as journalist.

Takis Würger reading from Der Club