Sieben Nächte Simon Strauß - Blumenbar

“Seven Nights” is a ride through the city, a graduating exam unlike any other, a last gasp in the slipstream of youth.

»The book of the next generation.« ― Florian Illies, ZEIT

»Simon Strauß depicts a man who sets out to find eternal youth – and writes a book so wise and moving it makes you instantly want to follow him.« ―Theresia Enzensberger

»What a passionate, fearless bookl, steeped in tradition, greedy for the future – a book that wages war against serenity. Against the weariness of those who follow the footsteps of others. Who repeat life. A polemic for the open heart!« ―Volker Weidermann

Kukolka Lana Lux - Aufbau

“I’d realized that I was the only one who could survive this. I wasn’t some fallen little doll. I’d always been down here at rock bottom.”

‘A huge, touching book, one that made me long for a happy end like never before.’– Olga Grjasnowa