Die Kamelieninsel Tabea Bach - Bastei Lübbe

Genre: Commercial Fiction, Women’s novel

Number of pages: 320

Publication date: Mar 16 2018

Sylvia (35), overworked management consultant from Munich, is married to Holger (45), an international property agent, who specializes in exclusive properties such as Victorian manor houses in Cornwall, medieval estates in Italy and castles in France. Unexpectedly, Sylvia inherits a nursery on the western tip of Europe – Brittany – from her Aunt Lucie, the black sheep of the family, with whom ‘one’ has had no contact for years, without Sylvia being able to recall why. As there was no will, Sylvia was declared her aunt’s heir.

Holger convinces Sylvia to sell the old nursery which is – according to his researches – worthless and nearly bankrupt. The contract is set up ready to be signed when Sylvia unexpectedly gets two weeks off from work and decides to travel to Brittany. What she experiences there is completely different from what she expected: The Nursery is a whole island covered with camelia flowers – and due to the camelia lovers coming here from all over the world anything but bankrupt.

Meeting Solenn, the manager, and Mael, a cultivation worker with whom she fells in love, Sylvia starts to reflect on her life and has to face an unpleasant truth: She has never been as happy before as on Camelia island. But will she succeed in stopping Holger from selling her new paradise since she authorized him to carry out the sale? Because Holger has financial problems he did not tell his wife about…


Tabea Bach worked as a opera dramaturge before she dedicated herself sole to writing. She was born in Tübingen and grew up in the South of Germany and France. She studied in Munich en Florence. Nowadays, she lives together with her husband in an idyllic village in the Black Forest from where she travels to a lot of places in the world – and the beautiful landscapes she discovers can be found in her novels.