BACK TO THE ROOTS New books about health and nature

Summer is approaching and we are surrounded again by flowers, lush green and
butterflies  – time to reconnect to nature! These books inspire you how to get the
best out of natural medicine, superfoods and the self-healing power of your body.


Brennnesseln – ein Portrait

Ludwig Fischer – Matthes & Seitz

This is a mesmerizing natural and cultural history of a mostly despised and avoided plant. It takes us on a journey through fairytales and unknown historical documents, literary texts, ambitious projects and many interesting facts. As one of the most fascinating and useful plants we know, they have had a huge comeback after being almost forgotten for centuries.


Die Gesundmacher

Bernhard Kegel – DuMont

The human body is one of the most densely populated places on earth. And nowhere else in the body more microbes are found than in our intestine. But in our growingly hygienic world variety and quantity of bacteria are dwindling. Bernhard Kegel describes how living together of human being and microbe is working, which other bacterial hot spots there are in our body and how we can use the new knowledge for our health.


Die sanfte Medizin der Bäume

Maximilian Moser & Erwin Thoma – Benevento

Trees can help us live healthier and longer lives. Until a few years ago, the healing power of wood was a popular belief – now its benefits have been confirmed by medical science. Surrounding ourselves with pure wood works wonders for our bodies and souls.This book is a reliable companion for everyone who wants to bring the rediscovered power of nature back into their lives.


Wunder wirken Wunder

Dr. med. Eckhart von Hirschhausen – Rowohlt

While science has taken the magic out of medicine, it hasn’t driven it out of us humans. Hirschhausen seeks to resolve the ongoing struggle between science-based medicine and supporters of alternative therapies. Armed with his trademark sharp wit he explores how we can all take better decisions for our health, what each of us should be doing to keep healthy and what we shouldn’t.