Petronella Apfelmus: Überraschungsfest für Lucius Sabine Städing - Baumhaus/Boje

Genre: Jeugdboek

Number of pages: 64

Publication date: Apr 24 2017

The Petronella Apfelmus series for readers of 8+ has already sold 250.000 copies. Now, Boje Verlag has started a second series with the same characters for very first readers of 7+ with full-color illustrations.

Stag beetle Lucius’ birthday is coming up. As he is Petronella Applesauce’s best friend, the little witch wants to celebrate the occasion and plans a surprise party for the beetle. Petronella writes the invitations to make sure that the little apple men and the twins, Leah and Luis, as well as all sorts of other friends will come into her garden to celebrate. Everything goes according to plan. But as Petronella is in the middle of conjuring a gift for Lucius, she gets her toungue in a twist and the incredible happens: all of a sudden she is a squirrel! Of course, the magic has to be reversed, by all means. But how?

Sabine Städing, born in Hamburg 1965, already as a child liked to come up with stories. After her three books about the girl Magnolia Steel who discovers that she is a witch, Städing now writes books for young children. Her new series again has a witch as protagonist.