The Answer Barbara and Allan Pease - Dorie Simmonds

By purchasing this book you are about to take yourself down roads you may never have considered and may not know about. By the time you are halfway through the book, you’ll realise why you are where you are and why you have what you have at this point in your life and you’ll have the keys to take you to where you are capable of going.

Sie kam aus Mariupol Natascha Wodin - Rowohlt

“If you’d seen what I’ve seen…” Natascha Wodin heard this sentence many times in her early childhood, yet her mother took her memories with her to the grave. Natascha was ten years old when she died; all the little girl knew was that they were detritus, human debris left over from the war. Why had they lived in a camp for ‘Displaced Persons’? Where did her mother come from?

ILB-Interview with Patricia Forde 'The List' - Sourcebooks

Patricia Forde won the White Raven Award with her new middlegrade/YA-novel ‘The Wordsmith’ which will be published in fall 2017 as ‘The List’ in the USA (Sourcebooks). ILB talked with the author about where she found the idea for the book, what children think about it and what it would be like to live in a world with limited words.

The List Patricia Forde - Sourcebooks

The List speelt zich af in een post-apokalyptische wereld. De mensen uit Ark blijken de laatste overlevenden te zijn na de “Melting”, het smelten van de ijskappen. Een groot deel van de continenten ligt onder water. Hierdoor zijn de mensen bijna al hun kennis en technologieën kwijtgeraakt. De hoofdpersoon, de vijftienjarige Letta is in opleiding bij de ‘woordensmid’ van Ark, Benjamin.