Die Anfänge von allem Jürgen Kaube - Rowohlt

THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING: A compelling voyage to the first dawning of human civilisation.

When did we start walking upright, and when did the miracle of language occur?
What is the origin of religion, law, trade, money, music and city-building?
Why do most cultures value monogamy?

Sie kam aus Mariupol Natascha Wodin - Rowohlt

“If you’d seen what I’ve seen…” Natascha Wodin heard this sentence many times in her early childhood, yet her mother took her memories with her to the grave. Natascha was ten years old when she died; all the little girl knew was that they were detritus, human debris left over from the war. Why had they lived in a camp for ‘Displaced Persons’? Where did her mother come from?